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Immigrate to Canada via Express Entry (Federal Skilled Worker)

Step by step guide on how to apply for Canada Permanent Residence through the Express Entry (Federal Skilled Worker).

Before you start the process, please find out if you are eligible by answering some questions on the Government of Canada website here.

You will have to assume that steps 1 & 2 below have been completed when answering the questions to get accurate eligibility results. Ideally, you should find out your eligibility after completing steps 1 & 2. You can also have an idea of what your overall score might be using this tool on the Comprehensive Ranking System.


1.  Educational Credential Assessments - Evaluate all your transcripts and professional qualifications with WES. Please note that there are other acceptable organizations that you can use to evaluate your Credentials. Cost $220 CAD

2.  Language Testing - Write the IELTS English General Training Test for those who speak English. IELTS Exam. If you speak French, you do the same. Please note that there are other acceptable Language Testing Organizations that you can use. (Note: it is important to score a minimum of 8 points in listening, and a minimum of 7 points in writing, speaking and reading if you want a good score).

(Note: If married, your spouse should also carry out steps 1 & 2. Step 1 & 2 can be carried out in whatever order or simultaneously)

3. Once step 1 & 2 is completed. Enter your profile in the Express Entry Pool by creating an account first on the Canada Immigration website. (If married, one of the Spouses will be the primary applicant. Couples should take the following into consideration when choosing the primary applicant i.e the youngest, most educated with good IELTS Score should be the primary applicant to have a good score)

  • (After you submit your profile, you will know your score to determine your place in the Express Entry Pool using the Comprehensive Ranking System. The system considers skills, work experience, language ability, education, age. Other factors that can increase your score i.e having a Sibling in Canada, Provincial nomination, or a job offer in Canada.) Determine your National Occupation Classification (NOC A, B, O ) by checking your job title here.

4. Once you submit your profile and you have a good score, you will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Permanent Residence (PR) from the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) in any of the Express Entry draws if your score falls within the cut-off point. (Note: Check your email regularly or check your status online).

5. If invited to apply for PR you must submit the following documents with your application within 60 days;

a. You must have Proof of Funds (POF) meeting the IRCC fund limit for your family size you will need your bank statement and certificate of investment if you have invested the money e.g Treasury Bills. Determine your POF here. Proof of Funds for one person - $12,960 Canadian Dollar.

b.  Medical examination (find a list of accepted Panel Physician in each Country from this website. Each member of the family will be required to do the medical examination.

c.  Police certificate. You will need to obtain a Police Certificate from every Country you have lived in for more than 6 months. Visit link.

d.   Give your biometrics. Estimated Cost - $85 CAD Individual, $170 CAD Family.

e.  Your employment details i.e letter of employment and reference letter.

f.  Upload your Passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.

g.  Submit your Language test result and Credential Evaluation assessment result obtained in steps 1 & 2.

h.  Make payment for your Processing Fee ($825) and Right of Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF) ($500). Estimated cost ($1325 per Adult and ($225 per child). Application fees.

(You may be invited for an interview or asked to provide additional documentation if there is a need for it but often time they don't if you have provided satisfactory documentary evidence in support of your application )

6.  If your application is successful – you will be required to submit your passport.

7.  Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) and Visa will be issued.

(Note: you have a maximum period of one year to move to Canada after the issuance of Visa and COPR. However, your one year will start counting from the day you completed your medical test.)

All the best!

  • Disclaimer: The information provided should not be taken as immigration or legal advice. This is based on research and personal experience. Please note that the information provided is subject to change at any time always confirm from the Government of Canada website or any other organization mentioned.
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